The Jump to Entrepreneurship in Brampton

Discuss this leap with successful Brampton entrepreneurs and find out what their stories are, why they chose to open businesses in Brampton, what their initial obstacles were they faced, and what it really takes to be a successful business owner.

Making the leap into entrepreneurship is no easy task; but, with unemployment and underemployment as existing factors more and more people are finding themselves at a fork in the road.

“Should I start my own business?”

“Should I quit my job?”

“Isn’t there more to all of this?”

Featuring Panelists:

  • Daniel Francavilla – Creative Director of Now Creative Group (formerly Daniel Design), and Founder of ACCESS Charity
  • Beverly Bambury, Sole Proprietor of Beverly Bambury Publicity. (Also Moderating).
  • Sir Ryan O’Neil Knight – Owner/Founder of Detailing Knights – BCORP Certified, 2013 Toronto Region Board of Trade – Business Excellence Award Winner!
  • Daniel Lewis – Owner/Founder of TByDaniel, 2014 Young Entrepreneur of the Year for BOBAA!

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Introducing Now Creative Group

We are excited to announce the formal launch of Now Creative Group, through the intro video below.

Now Creative Group is the evolution and expansion of Daniel Design, offering a wider range of services and a diverse team of talented creatives and business professionals.

This website,, remains as a home for Creative and Business Resources, covering the worlds of Design, Branding, Web Design, Social Media, Online Communication and more, to help entrepreneurs, activists, businesses and organizations achieve their goals.

For creative services previously offered through Daniel Design, and to learn more about Now Creative Group, visit For our other online products, please visit our secondary online home at

Please follow @NowCreates for more updates and share the news on Twitter.

Creative Economy Summit in Brampton

The City of Brampton’s 2nd Annual Creative Economy Summit that took place on April 23, 2013 at the Rose Theatre Brampton attracted more than 250 attendees. With the unveiling of Brampton’s newest Downtown Mural by Canadian Artist Charlie Johnston.

Keynote presentations by Mark Vonesch, a Vancouver-based visual artist, filmmaking teacher and founder and director of “Reel Youth, and Jesse Hirsh, Technology Strategist and Researcher, highlighted how an individual keen on entering the creative economy could find their passion and career.

“During the Brampton Creative Economy Summit bright minds debate ways to diversify and strengthen Brampton’s economy – all with the goal of creating good-paying local jobs,” Brampton Mayor Susan Fennell said. “This year’s summit focuses on Youth and Digital Media. The goal is to encourage youth to enter the creative economy and I can’t think of a better mandate. When we invest in Brampton’s youth, we add to our City’s abundance of human capital,” Fennell added.
This year’s Summit offered attendees with three different interactive sessions that took place throughout the day. These interactive sessions provided the opportunity to get up close with industry professionals and experts who provided the latest insight into their areas of specialization. Session included panel discussions on Developing Brampton’s Creative Cluster; Show me the Money!; Turn Your Talent into a Business; Digital Media and Animation; Social Media; Digital Media and the Fine Arts; The Changing Face of Brampton’s HACE Sector; Youth and Business; Gaming Industry; So You Want to Work in Film?; and Brampton Creative Economy Success Stories.
The Creative Economy Summit achieved another first for the City of Brampton with live web streaming of keynotes and various panel discussions.

The Creative Economy Summit is part of the HACE™ (heritage, arts, culture and entertainment) initiative developed by the City of Brampton to pursue and promote the development of a creative economy in the city. Held in partnership with the Brampton Arts Council, Peel Art Gallery Museum and Archives, Brampton Library and the Brampton Downtown Development Corporation, the Creative Economy Summit aims to:

  • Promote awareness of the creative economy and Brampton’s role within it;
  • Educate and define the creative economy by sharing information and best practices;
  • And, create a networking environment for members of the creative economy.

Highlights from the 2013 Brampton Creative Economy Summit

Brampton Board of Trade Welcomes Daniel Design

Daniel Design has officially joined the Brampton Board of Trade. BBOT is an independent, not-for-profit business organization that has served the needs of businesses in Brampton.

The Brampton Board of Trade was founded over a century ago in 1887, and has continually and successfully evolved to be a progressive and relevant organization – the voice of business, for business.

The Board of Trade is the voice of business and is actively working on behalf of members to represent their interests with various levels of government. We identify issues and lobby all levels of government on your behalf and that of the Brampton Business community.

For more on BBOT, visit their website (under development) at