Non-Stop Toronto

Project Background: Non-Stop Toronto is a mapping project as part of a Think Tank class at OCAD University – looking at ways to create a living atlas of the city, from a perspective that traditional maps do not cover. For more visit

Map Description: It’s the middle of the night and you’re craving Chinese food. You finished your project at 3 AM and you need to get it printed. Friends are over really late and you want to go Bowling. Or you just feel like having Breakfast at dinner time. Where do you go in Toronto in these situations? Non-Stop Toronto explores the city of Toronto from a 24-Hour perspective. There are over 150 business and services open at all-times in this city – but where are they, and did you know they were open? This map explores just a few of the many options available (it will be expanded in the near future, as a useful resource for Torontonians and those visiting the city).

The full Map will be available online when more complete. Preview of the current map:

Non-Stop Toronto

Note: Original Toronto map was created by Michael J Kormendy.

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