Liberal Studies

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Assignment: This is an Area of Interest Visual Essay for a Research Methodologies for Graphic Design course at OCAD University. The topic I chose to explore for this assignment is Communication Today: Ambiguity and the Collective Conscious.

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Assignment: The purpose of this study is to explore the experience of attending a public art event such as Nuit Blanche and find ways of enhancing it. This document is a report outlining key suggestions based on research findings as part of a corse entitled “Research Methodologies for Graphic Design” at OCAD University.

Credits and Copyright 2010: Book Layout & Design by Daniel Francavilla, Photography by Kirk Kelly & Wendy Ng, Enclosed Designs by Wendy Ng & Katie Serensits, Research and Text by Sandi Rotermann Wheeler et al.

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Assignment: Form a visual, creative response making reference to an aspect of the Meso-American Monumental Architecture lecture, The Arcades Project, or the “The Agora, the Flâneur, and the Making of Public Space” lecture. Note: This is purely academic and I do not own the images nor do I claim the rights to the images used in this document.

Created for a Think Tank course assignment at OCAD University, this video represents the unique perspective used to Map an area of Toronto. The items were all brought back to my apartment by a friend, representing the perspective she experienced of Toronto. She took back only objects and items that resinated with her and things that she wanted to think about further. ”Philo Sophia” was a term suggested by the explorer herself, explained as “a friend of wisdom and knowledge”. I also used the word flâneur in the title because it describes “a person who walks the city in order to experience it”.

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