Do you consider your business or organization to be “digitally engaged”?

Many experts have determined that having a strong digital presence and community is key to success for both businesses and non-profit organizations of any size.

To determine if your organization is digitally engaged, you can calculate your EQ (Engagement Quotient). The questions below are part of a survey to give you some insight into whether or not your organization is making online communication and digital engagement a priority.

Consider the following;

  • Priority – Does digital engagement show up prominently in your annual strategy and what you track?
  • Rewards – Do you celebrate digital engagement milestones company-wide?
  • Openness – Do you feel empowered to express support for your company in public, social media freely?
  • Education – Do you feel the required rules, guidelines and training have been provided to support digital engagement?
  • Transparency – Do you have a free flowing exchange of information and insight, enabled by technology?
  • Culture – Does support for digital engagement pervade what you do everyday, from the boardroom to the front lines?
  • Incentive -  Do you feel like my manager supports me in time, reward, risks and resources for digital engagement efforts?
  • Values – Do you have an ethos that every staff person can believe in and get excited about?
  • Participation – is participation in digital media widely adopted and coordinated across the organization?
  • Executive – Does the  CEO champion digital engagement?

There are a range of website designonline communication and promotional services available to benefit your organization, regardless of what level it is at today.

Complete the Poll to find out your EQ

Determine your organization or company’s EQ by completing the detailed Poll at this link.

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