multicultural marketing

Multicultural Marketing: How to Effectively Reach Your Target Market

Although effective Marketing can have a strong impact on consumer buying behaviour, when it comes to selling products, many marketers still adopt a “one-size-fits-all” approach instead of appealing to specific target markets.

This is where multicultural marketing can be useful to Brampton businesses, offering a tailored approach for specific demographics.

Here are 4 reasons why multicultural marketing can help your business.

  1.  Canada is becoming increasingly diverse
    One in five Canadians is foreign born, with this number increasing substantially under our current immigration policy.
  2.  Ethnic consumers spend big:
    Last year, Chinese and Indian Canadians spent a combined $104.4 billion annually.
  3. Bramptonians are wealthier
    The average salary in Brampton is $93,917.
  4.  Brampton’s largest population cluster are young, diverse and growing
    This segment is between 30-49 years old, in the prime working age bracket and consistently beats their GTA counterparts in population growth.

Companies that adopt multicultural marketing strategies will generate greater revenue by successfully catering to this demographics’ wants and needs.

Adapted from The Brampton Board of Trade, Ethnicity Multicultural Marketing + Advertising, Campaign Asia, and the City of Brampton.