Creative foundation by choreographer Tré Armstrong

After many achievements as a dancer, choreographer and actress, judge of CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada Tré Armstrong continues to grow as an artist. Her goal in life is to “rise as a philanthropist in order to support and guide youth around the world who need quality, life-empowering engagement through creative arts.”

The vision of the The Tré Armstrong Give Back Foundation is to inspire, motivate and lead creative and artistic expression across Canada. It is dedicated to improving people’s health, self-confidence and self-esteem through dance, and also focuses on developing life skills through youth programming and performing arts in the community.

The website was developed to launch the foundation in Summer 2011 and provide information about its projects.

As a newly-formed organization, a logo was also designed to represent the foundation on a variety of mediums. Variations were established, to allow for flexibility as a creative organization.

To learn more about the foundation, visit

Designing for Dance: A New DAEI

A New D.A.E.I. is a brand new community dance hub in Brampton, dedicated to bridging the gap between dancers and the entertainment industry. The name is literally an acronym for “A New Dance Academy for the Entertainment Industry”. The academy was founded by celebrity dancer and choreographer Tré Armstrong, judge of CTV’s So You Think You Can Dance Canada and is operated by some highly motivated and enthusiastic individuals.

Starting off fresh, the A New D.A.E.I. team was looking for an online presence to showcase their offerings, which include Private Dance Instruction, Community-Based Dance Workshop, Seminars and Classes. With an existing logo and brand, the opportunity was in channelling users to a central website where all of the important details and online registration could be clearly displayed.

Immediately after the site launched, promotions took place for a major event: The Give Back, an annual free day of dance taking place on July 10 at Canada’s National Ballet School. Press coverage has been featured on the website here.

The website, which will be undergoing updates and additions, is live at All the best the launch of this exciting new community dance hub!