Why Online Businesses Need Content Marketing

Imagine this scenario – you wander through a bookstore and find a novel with a very appealing cover and title. It looks like it’s going to be a great read. However, inside all the pages are blank. There is no story. This is not a lesson in “judging a book by its cover” but instead a reminder that without strong content, your online business will falter. In other words, you could have a great service or product but unless you engage and expand your customer base through strong content your business with wither on the vine. The following is a list of important reasons why online businesses need strong content marketing.

Customers Want the 411

You might have occasionally gotten lost in a “YouTube maze” clicking through random videos but when a potential customer goes in search of the specific product or service they are looking for valuable information. That information can be provided through well written content articles with catchy headlines. Be concise and give them the “bullet points” of what they are searching for. By providing valuable information to consumers, you can become considered an industry expert with the content you create and people will start seeking out your website for updates and tips.

Customers Want Quality

First impressions matter, whether you’re at a dinner party or developing an online business. If a customer stops by your website and is greeted with a poorly written article, then chances are they won’t be coming back. Don’t fall into the trap of sacrificing quality over quantity. There is no reason why you can’t have both; it just might take a bit more effort to find.

Customers Like to be Targeted

Everything and anything can be Googled. No matter what the search, chances are there will be several websites that pop up in response to a user’s question. The goal for your website is to take advantage of these niche searches by providing targeted content. If you have a product for women, determine if it’s suitable for “busy moms,” “hard working professionals,” or “singles searching for love?” Maybe it’s for all three categories. That just means you’ll need specific content geared to all those groups.

Customers Like to Matter

Content should not only serve to provide information but also to engage the reader. Whenever possible you should leave room for comments. This is how you get online discussions going and pull in even more customers. Everyone likes to share their opinions online. Even if you receive negative comments, take the time to consider the comment and the way in which you can “fix” the problem. Perhaps the customer had a poor experience with your services – take the time to respond, apologize and offer a solution. Your customers will appreciate the open communication. Providing a personal touch gives customers a sense of security which will bring them back to purchase again.

Customers are always Searching

As mentioned above, potential customers are always on the prowl for those goods or services they need in that moment. Just as you need to create engaging content for them to read, you also have to create content that the search engines will pick up on. This will improve your search engine rankings which will place your website at the top page of any search. If you’re not familiar with how to achieve these goals then seek out experienced content management consultants to help build up your online presence.

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How to Measure Social Media Campaign Success

Determining the success of a social media campaign comes down to an issue of metrics. The following are the top three metrics you should be looking at when gauging the success of your social media strategy.

Active Participation

A quick snapshot of any social media campaign is to look at the number of users who are accessing your social media profiles. With Facebook, it would be the number of “likes.” With Twitter, it would be the number of retweets. However, these numbers aren’t the only ones you should be studying. Go deeper. The key to social media is engagement. For instance, Facebook provides its page administrators with a detailed analysis of the percentage of comments generated and views. The other networks have metrics such as page views and mentions that can also indicate the kind of volume your company is attracting.

Bounce Rate

Are your visitors arriving at your site from your social media profiles but leaving immediately? Take a look at the time spent on your website from your different traffic sources. If you find that visitors are spending less than a minute on your website, then maybe your landing page needs better copy. Or maybe you’re attracting the wrong audience.


You want social media campaigns to convert, either into subscriptions, sales or any other items that you’re offering as part of your sales funnel. If your sales increase after launching a successful social media campaign, then it worked. However, those numbers can also be used to determine the return on investment when it comes to expanding your reach. For instance, if you have a 5% increase in sales with a 10% increase in site traffic then it follows the more traffic, the more sales.

Not all of the metrics are simple to track and may require some advanced tools. It’s very important to take the time to have the right measurement and analytical tools in place before you start a social media campaign. Without the right tools, you won’t be able to determine if your campaigns were successful or an abysmal failure.

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The tips above are provided by CorporationCentre’s You Inc.

3 Essential Digital Marketing Strategies for New Businesses

More than half of all small businesses fail to make it to their fourth birthday. On paper, the odds are stacked against you, but it’s a good thing that the winners and losers of business aren’t predetermined. With the power of the Internet, you have a tremendous marketing machine at your fingertips, but it’s one that must be used wisely. Abuse the system and your customers will turn on you. Use it correctly and you’ll unlock the door to success.

Email Marketing

A well-crafted email marketing campaign, such as with email marketing, can do a great deal of good for your business. You’ll remind customers who you are, how much you value your business and what you can offer in exchange for their loyalty. Second, it gives you the chance to literally create something out of nothing. A normal day can turn into a sales bonanza if you have the right message and the right offer, turning passive customers into active buyers simply because you sent an email.

Lastly, and most importantly, an email marketing campaign gives you instant feedback about your customers and your marketing efforts. You’ll be able to see how many people opened your email, clicked the links in the email, and forwarded it on to others. You can also get negative feedback, such as how many people unsubscribed from your list. This feedback is just as important as the purchases of your customers, so use it wisely and let it guide your email marketing campaign.

Social Media

Social media changing the way we do business, so take advantage of the mediums available to you. Plenty of businesses now have Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest platforms attached. If your email marketing campaign is the public face of your company, your social media efforts can show off your company’s personality. Use social media to make your message a little lighthearted; post a tweet of encouragement to a local sports team on the day of the big game, or write a Facebook status about a popular TV show or movie. The only limit to your social media marketing is your creativity, but don’t forget about your overall goals.

It can be easy to take your eye off the ball with social media, so remember to take care of your followers the same way as you would your email subscribers. Social media is all about creating connections, so make your followers feel important by offering them exclusive sales and promotional opportunities. Respond to tweets and Facebook comments, even if they’re negative; this personal touch will wash away the negativity and create a new bond with the customer.

Promotional Products

While little knick-knacks, refrigerator magnets and promotional giveaways are not exactly digital, the facilitation of these items is made much easier by the Internet. Instead of giving a local company a bunch of money and hoping they make your water bottles properly, you can now do real research and order from anywhere in the world. Customer reviews will tell you which services are legit and which items have gotten the best results; combine these reviews with your intuition to come up with the best gift ideas for your customers. You never know who will come across a pen or coffee mug bearing your name, so don’t be shy about promoting yourself in this medium. In an increasingly digitized world, sometimes it’s a real-world touch that can put you ahead of the competition.

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