We are excited to announce the formal launch of Now Creative Group, through the intro video below. Now Creative Group is the evolution and expansion of Daniel Design, offering a wider range of services and a diverse team of talented creatives and business professionals. This website, DanielDesign.ca, remains as a home for Creative and Business Resources, covering the


In an industry that spans a broad range of offerings and skill levels, comparing pricing for graphic design services can be like comparing apples to oranges. To ensure the best design value for your dollar, a number of variables must be considered.  Hourly According to The 2012–2013 Survey of Salaries and Billing Practices for the Communication Design Industry produced by RGD


Now Offering Video: The Most Effective Way to Promote and Present Your Organization Great products and services matter, but stories are what connect people with businesses and brands. Video is an engaging way to show off an organizations’s personality, people, culture, and customers. Video helps humanize a business and is one of the easiest ways to


The rise in video marketing has been authenticated: Instagram rolled out a new video feature on June 20 to accolades, and businesses are taking notice. As consumer behavior changes, brands are adapting their digital strategies to account for the huge growth in video watching on the part of consumers. Instagram’s new feature Instagram’s wildly successful picture-taking app